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Congratulations to all admission seekers!

Sidheshwari Laxminath Sanskrit College, Gajahara welcomes you to gain special Sanskrit knowledge. You are indeed fortunate to consider the option of pursuing graduate programme from this college in preference over other Indian colleges. The new academic session commencing from July 2019 is going to be an historic beginning of innovating path breaking exercise contemplated by the college in its pursuit for enabling its students to face the ever increasing challenges of our globalised society regarding the language.

The Sanskrit language is one of wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek; more copious than the Latin and more exquisitely refined than the either. It is the greatest spiritual language of the world and hence captured the imagination of the civilization in no small way. It has the power of expressing all types of thoughts in appropriate terminology. So we should always popularize our traditional language.

It is a language which not only gives pabulum (nourishment) of a whole host of words and phrases which are necessary for the self expression of the speech of a many modern people but also supplies through its literature the mental and spiritual pabulum to the people of the present age. The father of the nation once said – “without the study of Sanskrit one cannot become a true Indian and a learned man”. President of “Universal Society of Hinduism” Shri Rajan Jed said that- Sanskrit is most essential for India for cultural inheritance and administrative progress. Famous German philosopher maxmuler said that- Sanskrit language is the greatest language of the world.

The challenges to higher education through Sanskrit are to curve out a path and a strategy so that they can be effective instrument in the process of transformation of this country. When we learn a language, we educate ourself; but when we learn the spiritual language, we transform the society. Thus, we should take a oath and thrive to the enlighten our traditional language (Sanskrit). Sanskrit language is the store room of Science, Arts, Economics and Politics.

The education of the young is the most noble enterprise in which mankind is destined to engage. Our entire existence rests on our ability to do it well. Our past, our present and our future has been, is, and will be, shaped by the quality of our educational activities. The college is committed to guide the learners beyond core competencies towards a holistic approach of life.

Wish you all the very best……………


Dr. Dayakant Jha

SLS College, Gajahara